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FMHVibe's 01/03/2012 update

What this includes:

>> Managers:
Latest manager changes
Manager fixes
Manager retirements/deaths

>> Players:
Latest transfers
Latest loans (with a possibility of a permanant deal) *These are transfers due to restrictions on editing*
New players
Player retirements
Future transfers

>> Clubs:
A more thorough reputation so non-playable clubs are more active
Name fixes
Shorter names for clubs instead of less common ones
New clubs

>> Nations:
Name changes

>> Competitions:
Non-licensed competitions licensed
Fixes on Sponsorships
Brazil promotions/relegations


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Is this on the app store or do we have to edit it on our computers?
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This is for PSP only.
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Oh, alright!
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English please?
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Do you have android transfer patch?
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