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FMH2013 logo megapack - Android and iOS v2


These files include:
Over 10k logos for clubs, competitions and national teams

How to install:
Select your file - Retina are tablets too, WVGA are mini tablets and SD are lower screen spec phones.
Extract your file using WinRar or 7Zip
Go into the folders and select the ones you want to install.

For iOS -
Drag and drop them into iDevice > app > file sharing > FM 2013 when your device is plugged in

For Android -
Use AirDroid or a connection and drag them into FMH2013_data then logos (or Logos_Android for WVGA/Logos_iPad for retina) then Club or Competition depending on what you are installing.

Many thanks to Supports Interactive for their base that is used here. This can be downloaded by anyone and is brilliant! Cheers guys.


Club Competitions logo country logo is applied should be applied Tell him how little?
Countries don't work due to SI coding but the rest should. All playable and unplayable should be in there.
Yeah I just copied them all over onto my iPad...

I'm not sure how useful the Olympic's Logo will be but :P
I included all competition logos in FM2013 in case of expansion or so they work in FMH2014 ;).
retina, wvga, or sd for Ipad 2? thx
Doesn't work :( (?)
Have you installed it correctly?
Yes, extract -> Add File (file sharing) -> sync -> restart my ipad. Still doesnt work :(
Have you dragged the images over or the folder?
To the file sharing? Yes.
I asked which one.
Ups sorry. The images
Then it should work. Please make sure you are checking clubs not nations.
ok, i'll try to re-download, maybe it'll work

Copying, hope it'll work :D
work now! thx dec, its just brilliant :D
I have a problem; all of the club logos are too big - how do I fix this? I have an iPod 4G.
Download the SD logos.
Oops, chose retina, thanks man.
can you help me ? use Galaxy S Advance already move the pict to logos_android-> club.. still dont work
You shouldn't move them into the club folder.
dec. where is file sharing folder? sorry i'm newbie :(
What device are you on?

What device are you on?

my drive is IPad 2 . Can you tell me the details? I don't know where is Idrive>app>flie share..