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Football Manager Handheld 2011 (iPhone) - Full Changelist


Its been officially announced by Miles that the iPhone game will be released around the world today (apart from France which is slightly delayed).

Just to echo my post on the SI Games forums - here's details of the changes in this years version:

Full Change List for FMHi 2011:
This is a list of all the various changes which I noted as have being underaken in the game since the last FMHi 2010 update; please bear in mind that this might NOT be the complete list of changes made as I've undoubtably forgotten to add a few things.

Updated all competitions with 2010/11 Formats
Game now begins in 2010
Implemented support for iOS4 multi-tasking
Increased number of seasons playable to 30 (same as PSP)
Multiple leagues now active at once (maximum of 4 in total)
Implemented Part-exchange transfer deals
Music control page added
New look skin ('retro' 2010 skin retained as well)
Twitter Integration
Weather conditions displayed on 2d display
Stadium size displayed on 2d display
Implemented Player personality type display
Added more intuitive negotiation system to transfers
Added Reserve button to Club Menu Page so its easier to find
Improved layout of mis-aligned buttons on menu pages
Added option to disable flashing text
Added option to start game unemployed
Added search for club option
Added ability to retrain players to new positions
Added player requests to retrain to defensive positions (ala Sutton, Dublin)
Tuned old player physical attribute decline
Only display player relationships for players at the same clubs
Fixed manager hall of fame sort order
Fixed unrealistic transfer touting for human shortlist
Tuned club finances
Stadium names and attendances now displayed
Tuned effects of a large team missing out on European placing
Tuned effects of relegation upon teams
Stadium Expansion
Board Request for stadium expansion
Board Request for training facility improvement
Tuned wage requests for clubs with sugar daddy enabled
Tuned interested in club for mid-range clubs
Tuned older players attribute decline
Tuned older player squad selection
Tuned transfers of older players as they lose their status
Added a LOT more interactive media speculation
Improvements to Board Confidence display page
Implemented players getting homesick sometimes when moving to a new country
Tuned effect of first international cap upon a players standing
Default subs page display to show match rating
Display all match ratings with colour coding
Youth players for human teams get placed in reserves when needed
Improvements to Coach Report Feedback
Added new unlockable (you'll have to find it ;) )
Implemented sorting on player search page
Tweaked squad selection for non-active leagues
Player Tactical Roles available
Allow re-scouting of players already scouted before
Tuned likelihood of red cards early on in a match
Tuned player physical attribute progression and starting points
Improved Manager confidence operation
Fixed rare issue with human bosman transfers
Added 433 wide and 4411 formations
Fix for rare transfer rejections when clause was met
Tuned player valuations
Tuned contract and transfer ai
Stop transfer status being reset when a player gets a national call up
Search filters now remember nation filtering correctly upon load
Integrated Help System
Improve scouting for basque clubs
Various financial tweaks
Improved communications from players offered contracts
Modelled board members leaving club effects
Modelled unexpected tax bill effects on club finances
Added Manager profile page
Randomise young player potentials somewhat on game startup
Added club transfer in/out page
Coach reports now available for players on loan at your club.
Tweaked player ability progression
Tweaked starting reputations for regenerated players at small clubs
Remove 'auto-click' from attribute filter buttons
Fix disciplinary ban progression when a player is demoted to reserves
Fix obscure glitches when incrementing/decrementing Euro/Dollar values
Allow a cup win to protect a manager from a sacking more often

PS - First place its available is New Zealand ... it'll ripple into all the stores throughout the next 24 hours, but the exact order or timing is entirely up to Apple.