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No FMH2014 on Android consoles

"Nor are we planning on bringing #FMH14 to Ouya, Gamestick or the other multitude of Android based "consoles""

Miles Jacobson tweeted yesterday the first bit of FMH2014 information. Sadly this isn't a feature but it is confirming that if you are planning to get an Android console then FMH2014 will not be available for this.

FMH2014 is still expected to be on Android devices (tablets and phones).


all my dreams fell into the water: (

Shock - You do realise FMH2014 is probably going to be on Android Devices/Tablets?
So its mean android tablets and phone can still get FMH14 and play it.?
Yes that is what it says.

Hello Dec, just a question as I do not really understand are that mean that there will not FMH 2014 Google Play?


Thank you for your reply I play on a Samsung Galaxy S3 

No, as the post says it will be on Android just not the consoles such as the OUYA.

can't wait. i hope for turkish or chinese league or japanese

Wow! At first glance I thought it wouldn't be on phones. Then I read Dec's comment. Now I'm :)

And PSP?